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The Italian Study Group of Troy (ISGT); a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Italian  American heritage through language and culture. The ISGT, founded by the late Luella Baron, has been in existence for over 25 years.  We are members of the Troy Chamber of Commerce and offer our support to local organizations.  The ISGT is open to all regardless of  age, nationality or religious preference.

The monies raised by the Italian Study Group of Troy in its fundraising  efforts are used to support classes in the Italian Language, choral singing  and our Special Performing Arts Club.  These classes are offered to the public at a bare minimum and are subsidized by the ISGT.  The Wayne State University Language Department accredits our language instructors.

Individual membership per person is $20, $30 per married couple, and $50 patron membership.  The ISGT membership year is September-August.  The current Membership Board Member is Denise Silverio and her telephone number is (248) 703-7303  or  email

More membership information available via

In 1997, we initiated The Luella Baron Scholarship Fund, offered to students  who are interested in the study of Italian culture and language, also accomplished by our fund-raising efforts.

ALSO...The Italian Study Group of Troy in liaison with the Italian Consulate of  Detroit and other groups is at the forefront of an initiative to introduce  the study of the Italian language in our high schools and public school  programs.

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